Friday, May 1, 2009

Simple Ways To Eat More Whole Grains And Fiber

(NAPSI)-When it comes to packing a nutritional punch, whole grains are tough to top.

The United States Department of Agriculture says whole grains--which are loaded with fiber and other nutrients--may offer benefits ranging from a reduced risk of coronary disease to better weight management.

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC), more than half of consumers are now looking at fiber content on the nutrition facts panel when they shop for food. Yet despite an increased interest in whole grains and fiber, people are still having a tough time incorporating them into their diets. Americans consume only one serving of whole grains daily, compared to the three to five that are recommended.

So why the disconnect? It may be a matter of taste.

"Most Americans aren't willing to sacrifice taste, appearance and flavor to get whole grain nutrition," said Phil Lempert, food trends expert and Supermarket Guru. "Today's consumers want whole grain and fiber products to taste as good as the refined white flour they know and love."

Lempert suggests using new Ultragrain White Whole Wheat Flour from Eagle Mills. It's all-natural, 100 percent whole wheat and delivers 30 grams of whole grains per serving and more than 4½ times the fiber of refined white flours. It's made from specially selected white wheat that is milled with a patented process to produce the fine texture, appearance and taste that consumers prefer.

For those who want to make a gradual transition to whole grains, Eagle Mills All-Purpose Flour made with Ultragrain is a good choice. It is a blend of 30 percent Ultragrain and 70 percent all-natural refined flour, and works as a cup-for-cup replacement for other all-purpose flours.

Both products can be found under the Eagle Mills brand and are great for adding fiber and whole grains to your favorite recipes. Ultragrain Whole Wheat Flour is also used in many popular consumer products, making it more available than ever.

Use these whole grain flours in your favorite recipes or try this recipe for delicate fruit-filled scones.

Apricot Pecan Scones

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Makes: 8 servings (1 scone each)

½ cup chopped dried apricots

2 tablespoons water

2 cups Eagle Mills All-Purpose Unbleached Flour made with Ultragrain

¼ cup granulated sugar

1 tablespoon baking powder

¼ teaspoon salt

⅓ cup margarine

¼ cup chopped pecans, toasted

¾ cup heavy (whipping) cream

1 egg, beaten

1. Preheat oven to 400° F. Combine apricots and water in small bowl; let stand 15 minutes.

2. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in large bowl. Cut in margarine with pastry blender or 2 knives until mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Stir in nuts.

3. Add cream, egg and apricots with water to dry mixture; stir just until moistened. Turn dough onto lightly floured surface. Knead 10 times or until nearly smooth. Place onto ungreased baking sheet. Pat or roll to a 9-inch circle, ½-inch thick. Cut into 8 wedges, but do not separate. Brush with additional milk; sprinkle with sugar.

4. Bake 15 minutes, or until golden brown. Immediately remove from baking sheet; carefully separate into wedges.

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