Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FunnySpoon.com Launches a New Twist on the Cooking Website

/PRNewswire/ -- Scratch cooks aren't the only people who need a cooking website. Launching today, FunnySpoon.com serves up recipes featuring incredible menu shortcuts that are created through the use of common grocery store items.

FunnySpoon.com features dozens of recipes and coupons, as well as a shopping list generator. The website was created by two working women, Carrie Myers Jaynes and Vicki Monti, who searched for a resource and community to help them create quick and healthy meals that use branded grocery store products. Not finding any, they created it themselves.

"FunnySpoon is for the Wednesday night cook in all of us - when there is no time to cook from scratch, you don't want to drag the family to a restaurant, and you don't want breakfast for dinner again." Said co-founder Carrie Myers Jaynes, "By using everyday ingredients, you can create a dish - in just minutes - that your family will love and you'll feel great about serving!"

"People feel overwhelmed by meal preparation - what to cook, what products to buy, how to prepare. FunnySpoon meets those anxieties head-on by providing solutions that are quick and nutritious, and by celebrating the fact that you can deliver a from-scratch result without the from-scratch complexity. We do this by pairing branded products that complement each other to create the perfect dish. Everyone has their secret shortcut recipe and we'd like them to share their wealth of knowledge with the rest of us who are trying to figure out the daily meal-time dilemma," said Carrie.

With families heading back to their home kitchens for dinner during the economic downturn, FunnySpoon comes at a perfect time to help people put quality food on the table at a fraction of restaurant prices. "FunnySpoon cooking is not cheating," said Vicki. "Not even professional chefs cook from scratch every night they are home. There's no shame in using shortcuts when the result is a great-tasting dish that fits your budget and your time."

FunnySpoon.com Announces Recipe Contest

Just in time for the website's debut, FunnySpoon.com is holding a "Share Your Recipe" contest inviting all non-scratch cooks, young and old, new and experienced, to share their recipes for quick meal preparation and shortcuts to simplify the cooking process. The first fifty submissions will receive a canvas, eco-friendly shopping bag courtesy of FunnySpoon.com.

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