Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Planning Tips: Save Time and Calories - Add Fun - With Guacamole?

Happy 50th Anniversary Mr. Grinch via Wholly Guacamole. To make this tasty version of the classic Seuss character, cut your favorite sandwich into a triangle, then round the corners to make a pear shape. Top with Wholly Guacamole, smooth and etch Grinch brows and cheeks. For eyes use yellow pepper circles topped with pimento stuffed olives. Cut an olive for the nose and add a sprig of celery greens for hair. He's Mean, Green and Ever so Tasty. Enjoy. (PRNewsFoto/Wholly Guacamole) FORT WORTH, TX UNITED STATES 12/11/2007

/PRNewswire/ -- An estimated 30 percent of our calories come from outside traditional meals. This season, take a second look at your diet. Substituting the fatty dips and spreads with all-natural pre-made Wholly Guacamole can add always-ready nutrition to your table, and even create some healthy traditions in your home suggests top-ranked maker, Wholly Guacamole,

"Kids can make cookie-shaped sandwiches or a Grinch--literally--via a spread of fresh all-natural guacamole. Everyone will have fun decorating, but without all the sugar," states "Super-Mom," Nutritionist and Wholly Guacamole Food Scientist, Dr. Marcia Walker. No matter how you use it, guacamole is fun and a makes a healthy holiday addition to any meal.

1) Tight Budget? Pre-made Wholly Guacamole helps to create a restaurant experience at home. Shh... It's the same guac served in many restaurants, a true-time saver, and is priced cheaper than buying the ripe avocados and spices to make it yourself--if you had the time! (Get monthly guac party coupons at to save even more.)

2) Sugar-less Decorating. Use all-natural guacamole as an edible decorating base for a fun and tasty activity. Cookie cutters can magically transform sandwiches into holiday masterpieces--try a tree or star decorated with sour cream garland and mini tomato ornaments--even a Guacamole Grinch.

Decorate using basics from your pantry including: hearty breads, diced fresh vegetables, olives, corn, nuts and even bacon bits. Anything edible can inspire creativity and healthy eating. Fat-free sour cream squeezed from the corner of a zip-close bag adds the finishing touches.

3) Leftover Helper / Flavor Enhancer. Substitute Guacamole on your leftover turkey or ham sandwich to avoid the butter (36 calories), mayo (45) or ranch dip (90). "You'll get good fats, nutrients and fewer calories--just 25 per serving," adds Walker.

4) Entertaining with Flair. Facelift that Veggie Tray! Replace boring ranch or spinach dips with guacamole and mini tomatoes. Your table gets a color boost and your guests get nutrition, fewer calories and a cholesterol-lowering fruit!

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