Friday, May 30, 2008

Chinese, If You Please

Over the last several months, we've had the opportunity to visit several of the Chinese restaurants in the area. Some of them have been crossed off my list as we believe their quality of food has gone down. Some of them we've been frequenting for years.

We were on a hunt recently for something to eat. We didn't want to go too far so we looked around and thought we would try the Wok Express in Peachtree City. The restaurant is small, but clean. We were seated immediately and were delighted to find those fried noodles on the table. When the bowl emptied, more bowls were brought by servers with a smile on their face. Now that was the beginning of a most pleasant meal.

For appetizers, we opted to have both the hot and sour soup and the wanton soup. Both were chock full of ingredients in the soup. It was so very pleasant to have more than broth in the bowl.

We ordered the moo shu, kung pao chicken, and chicken with broccoli dishes. All of the dishes were excellent. Plenty of meat and veggies. Cooked just right and not runny. The broccoli in the chicken dish was not overcooked as it still had that brilliant crunchy green appeal.

When we finished eating and had filled up our to go boxes with the leftovers, the servers delivered an extra treat with the fortune cookies. There was a plate of sugared hot small doughnut type treats. They disappeared in a flash.

We give it a definite thumbs up.

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