Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Roast Beef In Town

There's a new roast beef sandwich in town. And it can be found at Taco Mac. With plenty of meat piled high, and a super soft sandwich bun, it hits the spot. Add some honey mustard on the side, and it's heaven in a sandwich.

I've been an on and off again customer of Taco Mac for more years than I care to remember. Way back in the day, a group of us would frequent the locations around the Atlanta area when we were in need of having some great nachos.

Over the years, I stopped going. There wasn't any particular reason. I guess the food menu had gotten stale.

Then, I found their roast beef sandwich. Yep, I'll be back. You see, I have to go back. Once my spouse took a bite of MY roast beef sandwich, my sandwich disappeared. I'd like to say it was into thin air, but I bet you can guess what its fate was.

Yep, I'll be back. And next time, my spouse gets to order their own roast beef sandwich.

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